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49-53 Seater Coach-Hire

49 Seater 53 Seater Coach 

A 49 seater coach or a 53 seater coach is the perfect way for large groups to move around town. 
Many people are put off by the prospects of Bromley minibus hire, owing to the high rates, many agencies costs. We charge much lower than what other providers charge, and with our rates, a minibus hire in Bromley becomes a viable and cost-effective alternative to even public transportation.  
How are we able to sustain such low rates?  
The cost of a minibus hire is the function of the operator’s overhead, maintenance and running costs of the vehicle, and profits. We run a lean set-up, with highly efficient systems, and eliminating waste. Our employees are highly dedicated, committed, and hence productive. All our vehicles are superior high end models, such as Volvos, and Ivecos, which deliver high mileage, and require little maintenance. All these ensure a very low operating cost for us, and we pass on the benefits to you. We also charge only a reasonable profit, and believe that repeat customers, and a happy customer base is our key strength. We have received several positive testimonials from those who have availed our Bromley minibus hire service, and they always come back to us, the next time. 
However, low costs alone is not what makes us the number one operators in Bromley. We offer the best service as well. All our systems are geared towards making things easy for the customer. For instance, to book a vehicle, all you need to do is fill up a simple online booking form. Our customer support team is available 24×7, and very flexible in their approach. 
Incidentally, our 49 seater coach, and 53 seater coach, are the most luxurious you will find in Bromley, and our drivers know how to handle such large coaches skillfully.  

The most common purposes for which patrons hire our large coaches are to transfer corporate groups, especially delegates, between airport, hotel, and venues, for tour groups to visit the various sights of the region, such as Chislhurst Caves, Crystal Palace Park, Scadbury Park, Jubilee County park, and others. Bromley, being part of Greater London, the convenience and reliability of a coach, makes it possible for the tour group to combine a visit to Bromley, with other attractions in the city.