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Minibus Tours

Coach TOURS 
Our Bromley minibus hire can pick you up from any location in the city and carry you on the adventure that you’ve been waiting for. There is no need to bother with the hassle of planning your route, deciding on driving schedules and finding vehicles large enough to accommodate your needs. 
We have a large fleet of buses and can easily take you wherever you need to go. Whether you are travelling with a group of 15 people and want a comfortable Mercedes 16 seater or prefer the cool air conditioned environment of a Ford Transit van, we can help. Our entire booking system is designed for ease of use and you can select options related to your trip in minutes. 
Enjoy Events and Attractions In Bromley 
Bromley is known as a great place for family and there are lots of activities for kids to participate in right throughout the year. Our courteous drivers can help to take care of you while you are travelling with a class of children or older teens. We are known for our reliability and the quality of our service. Trust us to get you anywhere in the Greater London area safely. 
Bromley always has a number of fairs on which provide you with great shopping opportunities. If you are visiting from elsewhere in England and need gifts for family and friends at home, stopping by one of these is always a good idea. It also gives you the opportunity to talk with local business people about all that the city has to offer. 
The theatre is also an important part of life in Bromley. A number of events are held in the Christmas season and many of them are a treat for children and their parents. You can easily attend one of these while visiting. Consider enjoying music, ice skating or dance at the following venues: 
Royal Opera House 
The Shard 
The O2 
Royal Albert Hall 
Central Hall Westminster 
Whether you are visiting Crystal Palace or High Elms, there’s always a lot to do in Bromley. Nature lovers will find that there are several beautiful parks in the area. These provide you with ample opportunities to go jogging, take a stroll with friends or relax while having a picnic with your family. High Elms Park is just one of the green areas which are thoughtfully maintained by experienced staff. 
The Christmas Tree Farm is a lovely farm that will delight children and adults alike. Educate your children as they interact with the beautiful animals which are there. Church House Gardens is a nice oasis in the centre of the town. There are also several clubs and bars, including: 
Aqua Bar 
Crown and Anchor 
Barrel and Horn 
Comfortable Vehicles For Your Trips 
Our coach TOURS are designed to help you feel as relaxed as possible as you travel from one end of the city to another. Bromley has a lot to offer visitors but if you are not enjoying the journey, you may be distracted from seeing all that the city is known for. 
With our stylish vehicles, you can easily adjust the seats to meet your needs. People who want to catch a quick nap on early morning trips can do so without feeling cramped. We also ensure that there is enough leg room on all of our buses to allow you to stretch comfortably while the vehicle is in motion. 
A convenient public address system facilitates easy communication between you and members of your group. Make tea for yourself using our hot drinks facility or enjoy a cold beverage of your choosing. We have placed a number of features at your disposal to make every trip you take with us a pleasurable experience. 
Efficient Booking 
Once you have access to a computer, you can go to our online reservations page and take the first step in reserving transportation for your journey. 
Select your departure and arrival points as well as your pickup times. We will usually give you a quick call before we arrive to let you know that we are on our way. Select the number of passengers as well. This helps us to choose the right size vehicle to comfortably accommodate everyone in your group. 
Planning a trip is a major undertaking and sometimes, it can be stressful. Our capable customer service team is there to assist you every step of the way. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to give our minibus hire in Bromley a call. We will be glad to help and will take every step possible to make your journey with us relaxing.